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The Bay Shore is a building complex of condominiums on located next to the bridge on 2nd Street passing over the Alamitos Bay, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Some of Long Beach, California's most desirable neighborhoods and residential areas include Naples, Belmont Shore and the ocean front along Ocean Boulevard in downtown Long Beach. It is no wonder that this would be such a sought after residential location. Originally built as a vacation getaway with luxury hotels to lure Los Angeles dwellers down into the nether lands of far away Long Beach, the goal even then was to develop the land and sell homes. The stories during the early 1900's were similar...nearby Balboa Island lots were practically given away, Huntington Beach gave away small lots for the purchase of an Encyclopedia set and today, harbor cruises in Newport Beach bay include the story about buying a lot for $100 that today is worth millions.

Trees in the Bay Belmont Shore The popular Bay Shore complex and its 30 or so condos have not reached the prices of the neighboring homes such as Naples Treasure Island where a property can fetch a tidy sum in the millions of dollars. Nevertheless, you'll seldom see a Bay Shore condominium come up for sale. Forever sunset ocean views, bay views, swimming pool, barbeques, and subterranean parking are a few amenities for those who purchase and live in The Bay Shores. And when the holidays arrive, there are big celebrations. One such scene you may see from your home includes the Trees on the Bay, an annual Long Beach tradition of lighting up the bay with platform decorations in the shape of trees lit with holiday bulbs.

Although the building looks fairly ordinary by most standards, a common phrase in Real Estate is location, location, location. Look at the photos above to see that this building sits along the water near Bayshore Beach. Located on 201 Bayshore Avenue, Long Beach, Calif., opportunities for a boat slip exist when you purchase here. And a walk out your door puts you at Bayshore Beach, a community library, and the 64-acre Bayshore Playground on 14-54th Place. It includes a coop preschool, handball court, paddle tennis court, playground, racquetball court, roller hockey rink and the rental facilities on the beach where you can have a small party, barbeque or wedding. 

Also a common view are the gondolas that ply these gentle waters, kids learning to sail from the Leeway Sailing Center, and sunbathers soaking up rays on the Alamitos Bay.

Getting to Long Beach beaches: Head toward Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach You can access it via San Diego Freeway (405), or the Long Beach Freeway (710), or the Garden Grove Freeway (22). Belmont Shore is bounded by Ocean Boulevard on the south, Bay Shore Avenue on the east, Ximeno Avenue on the west, and Broadway on the north.

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