Balboa Island Pumpkin Head Scarecrows

Balboa Island--

Sit down with me on a bail of hay, my darling little pumpkin head scarecrow. Let's share this basket filled with the fruits of our labor which includes miniature pumpkins and gourds that we can use to decorate our Balboa Island mansion. Your long, braided yarn pigtails look especially lovely, tied up with red checkered cloth. They compliment your beautiful orange complexion and the red apron covering your cotton plaid shirt and blue jeans. Did I remember to tell you I love holding your straw hand? Our life on the island is nearly perfect. This is truly a paradise.

Above is a great little setting on one of the small grass lawns that occupy the front of homes overlooking the sand and sea. Balboa Island actually sits in the Newport Beach bay. The houses have very small yards, with their houses filling up the lot. Bayfront homes have private docks, but the share the tiny strip of beach with visitors, seagulls, and all who care to stick their feet into the island sands.

Come Halloween, enjoy taking a stroll down Bayfront from Marine (the Main Street), or from the ferry boat that lets you off right at Bayfront.  Evenings transform into a different scene as the Halloween displays take on a different glow.

One of the favorite themes on the island is the skulls and bones. Here's one that's a commentary on weddings, and another is all about living healthy.



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