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AVP or Association of Volleyball Professionals, is the premier organization for volleyball competitions and entertainment in the USA. Expanding in recent years to a full year schedule in cities throughout the U.S. with new series names and some new sponsorships, the organization offers has gone a long way to create appeal for one of America's favorite sports. California is especially proud to be home to some of the world's top volleyball players such as Misty May Treanor, and is the premier beach volleyball location to host events.


All the AVP California events will be at the beach in cities from north to south: San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and San Diego. For those who familiar with the Southern California beaches, you can see that the heaviest concentration of AVP beach games take place on the sand in SoCal, known for its flat, sandy beach expanses that are ideal for this type of event. While this AVP Crocs tour makes its way throughout the United States, nearly 25 percent of its show dates are in California, and most of those are repeat performances in Southern California. While the event used to be free to watch, this new approach has met success in most locations. And the event organizers said that without the ticket sales, they could not afford to host their event. For those who can't pay the amount, some places such as Huntington Beach offer limited viewing from the HB Pier.



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