aviso surf board designs

What's so hot about a Jeff Doc Lausch? Aviso, that's what!

Aviso Surfboard Design Flexes its Muscles in Calfornia


Huntington Beach, AKA Surfing USA--You see these beauties all over the beach--the Jeff Doc Lausch surfboards with his smooth design and large signature on the edge. Lausch is a surfboard shaper who's worked for Aviso, a company producing thousands of boards utilizing great combos of epoxy resins to create hot shapes and hotter prices. A shortboard starts around $1000 and goes up from there.

Like Surftech known for board molds created from plugs designed by quality shapers, Aviso has drawn on  Velzy,  Cordell, Lost, and Don and Jeff Johnston and has pushed the price up knowing full well that there's a market for boards that cost more. Aviso was formed by a family of engineers and designers for  aerospace, and nautical, using  carbon fiber to increase the strength and flex of its products that require specific aerodynamics for performance.

Carbon fiber is a main component of the Avisos and is woven in a cloth that wraps the molded shape, surrounding mostly air in an envelope. With no core or stringer, each Aviso is a carbon fiber shell held together with epoxy resin. During the foam crisis that occurred when the top foam producer quit and dropped out of the business, innovations were needed to keep production levels high to meet demand in the growing sports market. Aviso came up with a solution for an industry in which the owners held a passion as long-time surfers.  Though their boards are not as durable as their other product lines, they've created a niche market solution for the high-end surfer who wants to spend more money for greater options in surfing. Flex is redefined in the boards that have shaken off the old foam core standards that can slow down a surfer. Nothing ties the nose to the tail in a design that allows one area of to flex while the other does not.





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