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Avalon Pavilion with Two Birds on Sign


CATALINA-Do you notice the two seagulls sitting on the bright yellow circles that look like oversized lollipops?  This funky architecture and design is fun to see when you wander along the little shopping plaza fronting the bay on Catalina Island's Avalon. The city offer hotels along the base of the mountain and up the steep hills, but most the structures shown in this picture are hillside homes belonging to island residents.


Down at the plaza its a bustling place filled with tourists young and old, looking for food, gifts, shops, ready for the beach, or just exploring or sitting on a bench like the lady in the picture is doing.


The image above was made from a real photograph taken on the island. The colors were shifted, and the scene was flattened and several special filters provide a surreal look that makes it some more like fantasy art than reality.


Avalon is a special place and sometimes can feel like a dream. It's just a bit different from the mainland Los Angeles and Orange County California landscape and the island folks live on island time, as well.  You  should visit at least once in your life to have fun and get a feel for what it must be like, living on an island day and night.