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Avalon Ballroom Picture shown from hill above the bay on Catalina Island


Avalon - Catalina Island--One of the first things guests recognize or feel a kinship with upon arrival to Catalina Island during a California beach vacation is the Avalon Ballroom. Its beautiful shape, red tile roof and stunning hillside setting offer a feeling of another era.. a time when California built things in a style to remember. Today the Mediterranean style is actually a mix of Spanish stucco and affordable construction design that forsakes elegance for affordability.


When you arrive on Catalina Island for a beach vacation or a day getaway, you'll instantly notice the Ballroom and other unique architecture set into hillsides. The best way to see these views is to rent a golf cart and take a one-to-three hour drive around the island by cart. You can walk, but it takes a lot longer, and then you may miss some of the highlights if you're just there day tripping.


The ballroom itself has a long history of serving up big band music dances and entertainment through the ages. Oh, if the walls could talk! Well the next best thing are the photos and interior design seen on a tour of the Avalon Ballroom. Tours are offered daily for a fee, and are well worth the price, we think.


As your Catalina Flyer or Catalina Express boat takes off for home on the mainland, you'll watch that beautiful Ballroom disappear and fade. And with it, a bit of your heart stays, much like San Francisco, when it casts a spell upon your imagination and makes you want to pack up and move to this spellbinding region.


Catalina is the stop for cruise ships each week, but it's also a popular tourist destination for overnight stays.  One of the nice hotels you may enjoy while visiting is The Avalon Hotel. If it is booked up, check out a few others.





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