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Huntington Beach California Aerial Photo of the Beach, Pier, Ocean and Shoreline


Huntington Beach--Huntington Beach California Aerial Photograph from Images of HB.  Huntington Beach is located along the Pacific Coast within view of two of the busiest ports in the world. Combined shipping into Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles make them not only top in the nation, but also among the world's leaders in shipping.


Huntington Beach begins in the photo from the lower portion as the Santa Ana River trail and viaduct that washes inland street and channel waters to the ocean, and continues upward clockwise to the smokestack AES power generating station, and sewage treatment facilities in Fountain Valley on HB's border seen as the light-colored cylinders.  The photograph was taken from a commercial flight, which you can book on our site.


Coastal landmarks beyond the tall smokestacks are the red-tile rooftops of the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa, then the tallest building on the landscape, the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort. Beyond those resort hotels is the long, extended Huntington Beach Pier stretching into the ocean. The red-roofed building at the end houses Ruby's Diner.


Above that in the ocean are three visible oil platform that work endlessly day and night to pump crude onshore to tank facilities located in several spots, including the perimeter of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve bird and wildlife sanctuary.  Past those stilt-looking platforms are several freight tankers, bringing goods from around the globe to the U.S. The most prominent include China's Cosco, and a host of Asian- Pacific Rim containerized cargo shipments of local and national distribution.


At the top portion of the photo is the mountain range that comprises San Pedro, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills. Then to the right of that mountain range is the bay and ports of L.A. and Long Beach. 


Tourists to this region ask questions about the oil platforms and other such physical features that dot the landscape. This photo lays them out so that you can see for yourself just how large and prominent they may appear.  In foggy days or overcast weather, you'll hardly notice the oil platforms and freighters offshore. But the smokestacks on the south part of the city are quite noticeable.


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