Beverly Hills 90210 is Unleashed



“90210” Filming In Huntington Beach Today.

I was riding my bike and was surprised to find Hollywood crews filming the edgy, contemporary spin off of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” appropriately called “90210” at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.

There were bright lights, big cameras, bulging bikinis and buzz that you’d expect during  a  shoot for an upcoming episode in the CBS Paramount Network Television Production. The Hyatt pool was transformed into “The Beverly Hills Beach Club,” complete with official signage.

There was a lot of excitement as the beautiful, and mostly young, talent was placed in exact locations around and in the Hyatt’s sensational swimming pool. TV executives checked out a group of cute kids (sitting with their moms), selecting some for a specific role in the shoot. Other talent waited on a hillside to be appropriately distributed to just the right lounge chair, walking beat or other background spot.

The spectacular setting, with palms swaying in the ocean breezes, created a lot of action on the set of “90210” (in 92648). Adding to the hoopla, across the street in a beach parking lot were dozens of Star Trailers, Makeup Lounges, Editing Facilities, Big Trucks and plenty of Security Personnel.

We want to THANK everyone who is part of this TV adventure for coming to HB, not only adding FUN and EXCITEMENT but plenty of much-needed REVENUE to the Hyatt and Surf City coffers. We invite the rest of Hollywood to come and make TV shows and movies in the unique coastal town with a Big Heart and Bountiful Beauty—Huntington Beach.

Be sure and watch for HB in an upcoming segment of “90210.” For those new to the show, “90210” looks at life through the eyes of Annie Wilson and her brother Dixon. The Wilson family has relocated from Kansas to Beverly Hills to keep an eye on their father’s mother, “a feisty but faded former TV star and charter member of the Betty Ford Clinic,” according to the show’s website. To make things even more colorful, the dad becomes principal of West Beverly Hills High. This will be the second season of “90210.” (NOTE: This story and photo were provided by a viewer.)

UPDATE" Finally the spin-off “90210,” that we photographed during filming in Huntington Beach,  is on air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. (ET) on the CW network. After a nine year hiatus of the original show which ran a decade on Fox from 1990-2000, a new cast of characters,  new production, new scenarios, and new Beverly Hills Beach Club a’la Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, still portrays Beverly Hills as a sunny beach destination, which Beverly Hills is not in that it doesn’t have its own beach.

“Beverly Hills, 90210” teens used to hang out at The Beverly Hills Beach Club where Jason Priestley worked so he could be part of the scene (you mean not everyone in Beverly Hills is rich?) and Shannen Doherty used her attitude and cuteness to gain admission. The Beverly Hills Beach Club now hosts the wealthy, adorable teens of West Beverly Hills High School who headed right to back to the beach club, which provided some continuity between the old show and new.  Sure the club looks different. Sure the characters are 10 to 20 years younger than original aging cast. And now the club is hub of many activities throughout the seasons.

But the thing to take home with you if you take anything at all, is that they’ve picked out some gorgeous new characters to fill the big shoes of the old-timers. Yes, even cute “teens” grow up and those tattoos age!