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 Vacation Beach Photos in Huntington Beach - Main Street USA


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Beach Vacation Photo Slide Shows

Beach vacation photos taken in Huntington Beach provide glimpses into a beach vacation at the Huntington Beach Pier. We sent a correspondent out to Huntington Beach one sunny day for a stroll, requesting that he take a few snapshots of the activities seen on or from the Huntington Beach Pier.


His walk began with an Asian mother holding her toddler at a view scope. The curious child points the scope up to the sky instead of out to the ocean to watch surfers offshore. Perhaps this kid will become an astronomer!


Next, our travel writer looks out to Huntington Beach to the north shore toward L.A.. The waves are small but he sees many surfers waiting for the next break, and alas, one catches a ride. Huntington Beach beaches and the Pacific Ocean are filled with surfers on most days, guaranteeing you'll likely see one on a visit.


Next you'll see a cute couple in blue jeans and white ball caps gazing out to the sea. It's one of the favorite activities at Huntington Beach, watching the ocean. Sometimes you'll see surfers, sometimes you'll see birds such as pelicans and seagulls, or a sailboat, motorboat and even a jet cruise by at a higher altitude. With the Pacific blue stretching into the distance, it's all pleasurable to watch.


As you head further toward the end of this long cement pier, a dad carries a youngster in his arms. From the child's perspective, everything is seen going away from him. The handsome, little guy squints his eyes in the bright sun. His blonde hair will lighten, if he comes often.

There's so much to see on the HB Pier. Our on-location photographer encounters two pedicabs with teen girls taking rides to see the sights of the ocean, fishermen angling, a family neatly lined up for a vacation portrait with the ocean and beach as their backdrop, a practice volleyball session on the sand volleyball courts below and the signature woody car stationed as a wind sock at the Kite Connection flags & kites store.


Does this bring fond memories of your journey to the beach? It's one of the classic vacation ideas that can't be beat!



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