Santa Monica beach swings and playground make for kid friendly vacations

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Santa Monica--has not only one beach playground. They have two more for a total of three incredible opportunities for kids on vacation to enjoy themselves and feel at home with something familiar to the routine. Santa Monica has the family vacation experience wired with their Pacific Park pier amusements and thrill rides, 3rd Street Promenade dining and shopping and line up of hotels either at the beach or across the street.


What's so desirable about Santa Monica beaches are the amenities such as the three playgrounds.  For parents planning a family or kids vacation, you can make Santa Monica a home base for day-tripping to Hollywood, just 8 miles away, The Getty, Universal Studios Hollywood and Los Angeles International Airport, only 13.5 miles from Santa Monica.


Beach swings and playground equipment on the beaches of Santa Monica include lots of rubber belt style swings, poles to climb, things to hang from and to stand on. Designed for young ages, the equipment is located next to the pier and to volleyball nets. Many folks play volleyball next to their children at the playground. The beach sand playground and swings in Santa Monica are also located next to the cement path where roller blading, bicycling and skating occur.


For a kids beach vacation, Santa Monica ranks among the best for their attention to children's needs.  It's not easy being a kid on the road but like the adults, the creature comforts such as a good, old-fashioned swing ride can sure make the trip a whole lot more fun!





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