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California Beach Photos is a compilation of photographic images displaying the splendor, the people, sports, significant structures such as bridges and piers and the awesome rich colors that make California a lifetime memory. Whether you live in and embrace the state's diverse landscapes and attractions or visit on vacation or business, you'll be amazed at how much there is to see and how many things to do in a day, week or month. To fill you in as to what you can see in this growing library, there are beautiful surfing pictures, sunsets, piers, bridges, missions and lighthouse station photographs broken down into categories. The museum collection is large and includes some of the finest examples of California's great museums. Many are not represented simply because we've not had opportunity to visit and photograph them. We started this gallery page recently and are reformatting the galleries, so keep checking back. There is so much to see and do in each destination that you should be inspired to get out there and VISIT CALIFORNIA!



With the advent of digital cameras, it no longer takes great skill to take photos. While some pictured below resulted from years of training and quality Nikon lenses, a decent camera and practice can help you create stunning photos of California. Beach Photos contains pictures from California Beach Photography - Beachcalifornia site that we were unable to highlight on the cities and beaches pages.



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