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Beach Comfort - Give Me Shelter at the Beach


Beach Comfort - Give me shelter at the beach with a sunshade made out of a skateboard. California beach comfort comes in all shapes and sizes. It may be a tube of sunblock, a shady spot or a tall, iced drink to quench your thirst.


People love the sun as long as they don't get burned. It doesn't take much time to start cooking and that's when you need some beach relief. Enterprising individuals who forget the sunscreen, sun hat and shades can pick up a board or any old thing to get some shelter. So important is the sun to beach-goers that local newspapers near beaches offer UV index charts on a daily basis. They provide current information about how long it takes for the sun to burn the skin.  While a perfect beach vacation should include some sunshine, heed warning. If you are not prepared, the great resort vacation or destination getaway can turn into a nightmare.  Overexposure to the sun can cause illnesses such as serious burns, chills and a general ill feeling and discomfort from topical pain.


The good news! Most beaches have concessions selling hats, sun block, body cover-ups and they rent umbrellas. Protect yourself so you can have a good time at the beach.




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