Girl in Utopia

Blonde & Beautiful

Beach Bathing Bodies

Beach Tanning Techniques

 Smiles Beautiful Beaches


Beach Buffed

Flower Power Swimsuit

Beach Breeze

Beach Phone Talk

Beach Girls - Who's Calling?


Utopia Swimsuit

Tall girl in orange bikini

Guys tan in sand

Beach Camera Alert

Skateboard and Sand Man


  Beach Photos: Sunbathing photos


Beach Bathing Photos - Pictures at California Beaches


Sun time is the fun time for beach bathing at California Beaches.  Whether you are tanned, attractive and blonde or frumpy, fat and gray, the beach awaits all who love to relax and soak up the rays.  While we notice that bathing beauties at the California beaches are in the minority (it seems like they are all gorgeous), people come in all sizes, shapes and ages.



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