Bakersfield, California - Vacations are everywhere in California. While many cities tout their beaches, Bakersfield can brag about its sports.

On most summer day, you'll find sunshine and heat hovers around a dry 95 degrees. While the beaches may be socked in a fog, you'll not usually find that in Bakersfield during the beaches' June Gloom that California beaches and coastal regions are known for.


For tourists coming to Bakersfield, one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, the draw often is sports competitions. Many clubs and nonprofit sports organizations hold events in this affordable region that offers a somewhat central location in California. A soccer park where local, regional and state tournaments are held brings competitors from around the U.S. Alternative sports not often found in the bigger California cities are enjoyed in Bakersfield, a city that offers a mix of cosmopolitan life and down-home charm. Athletes and outdoorsmen can enjoy whitewater rafting, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking. Social sports activities include fantastic golf, tennis, women's roller derby, motorcycle and auto racing.  There are both a minor league baseball team, The Bakersfield Blaze and  professional ice hockey team, The Bakersfield Condors.


Chosen as an All America City, Bakersfield was founded in 1898. Covering a large area of approximately 115 square miles, its centralized proximity to the mountains, coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco, plus convenient access to a network of highways, rail and air services, make Bakersfield an ideal place to meet halfway. Tourism and "Hollywood’s northern back lot", help support the growing economy.


From night clubs and concert venues to theatrical productions, there's always some sort of live entertainment to enjoy.  Annual events such as the Shakespeare and Jazz Festivals, are scheduled year-round in the city’s many theatres, including the Rabobank Arena and Convention Center, which plays host to the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra and top-name acts that have included Cher, Elton John and many others. Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace offers the best of country and regularly features performances by entertainers such as Crystal Gale, John Anderson and Loretta Lynn.


If you're looking for things to do in Bakersfield, there's the usual dining, movies and shopping. The historic Fox Theatre features great movies, plays and cultural event year round.  Rabobank Arena Theater & Convention Center is the place for pro sports, entertainment and conventions and meeting space needs. The Bakersfield Ice Sports Center features public skating, figure skating and skate shows and competitions. The official practice facility for the Bakersfield Condors Hockey Team, this state-of-the-art facility is a fantastic place to go on a hot summer day and cool your jets.

If you prefer your "cool" to include "wet", McMurtrey Aquatics Center is a swim facility next to the Ice Sports Center. McMurtrey Center has an 8,551 square foot recreation pool and a 50-meter competition pool. The McMurtrey Aquatics center also includes a double water slide, interactive wet play equipment, and water volley ball area.


The city's downtown is described by its city officials as an award-winning streetscape. Antiques and specialty stores will Wall Street Alley where you can enjoy the many historic photos and murals that are placed strategically throughout the downtown area. Visitors will find ample parking with the city parking garage conveniently located at 17th and Eye Street.

Bakersfield is the county seat of Kern County, California and one of the fastest growing of the larger cities of the United States. It lies near San Joaquin Valley and enjoys the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east.  Surrounded by pristine, natural beauty, it extends to the Sequoia National Forest and the Tehachapi Mountains are to the south. To the west at the Temblor Range and Carizzo Plain National Monument is the San Andreas Fault.


It's the fault's fault!


Blame it on the fault that lies beneath the earth near Bakersfield when you look at the buildings that exist and make up the city today. California's second largest earthquake in recent recorded history occurred on July 21, 1952, flattening the town essentially. Unfortunately you can't blame the fault for  pollution that comes from the larger cities to the west, getting trapped in and around the area. With all its apparent faults, what Bakersfield has going for it is weather, farm land and room to grow. Add affordable accommodations and many sports venues to hold or host events and you have the right mix for a great place to host your next event, or just visit while traveling. In addition to many hotels, Bakersfield has approx. eight RV parks for travelers.


Movies and video productions filmed in and around Bakersfield include: The X-Files   1998;
North by Northwest 1959; Thelma & Louise 1991; Wag the Dog 1997;  The Break Up 1998;  Prime Target 1989;  Five Easy Pieces 1970;  Psycho 1960;  Frailty 2002; Aimee Semple McPherson 2004;  Johnson Family Vacation 2004;  Lucky You 2005;  Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny 2005; Best Laid Plans 1998;  Road Kill 1999;  Tick Tock 2000;  The Stoneman 2003;  Keith 2006;  Joe Joe Angel and the Dead Guy 1997;  Odd Couple II 1998;  Joy Ride 2001 and Jurassic Park III 2001.

There are many, many hotels and accommodations in Bakersfield. Some of our favorites include Four Points by Sheraton, Hilton Garden Inn and Best Western Liberty Inn.



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