Auburn California Gold Rush Photos & Information



Ghost Town Auburn California is one of the great places that holds an incredible history filled with grit, success, failure, romance, sadness and bittersweet experiences for those who traveled thousands of miles to find their wealth during the California Gold Rush of the mid-18000's.  Sometimes you have to visit a place to obtain the ghost stories from today's residents who don't always believe in ghosts, but do attest to anomalous phenomena.


Claiming to have ghosts in your business is a double-edged sword for those who fear theyy'll loose customers afraid to spend the night in a hotel or bed and breakfast inn. Many will actually travel to such places to investigate or have first-hand encounters.   Oftentimes nothing happens at all or occurs so rarely as to not impact a business one way or another but when marketing is on the mind of savvy entrepreneurs who own property and sell things, then you simply proceed with caution and keep an open mind.


Several stories from Auburn referring to paranormal activity include women ghosts. While this information is not verified, it is certainly of interest. Whatt's especially interesting is that most people do not talk about such experiences unless you ask. And when you do ask them, they begin by saying they don't want you to think they are crazy but...

An old white house, a Victorian property at 130 Maple Street (home to a restaurant) is located across the street from Auburn's Historic Courthouse. Built in approximately 1880, 100 years later in 1980 the building was acquired for a restaurant, bar and offices. Owners Pat and Pete Enochs were cognizant of reported ghost sightings in the house.


 Locations included a small meeting room, an alcove and bar area.  Food servers often reported to the owners that a shadowy, hooded figure seated at a table next to a stained glass widow. Believing this character to be a customer, when someone went to serve the diner, the figure was gone. Theories abound but some suspect the spirit may be a former resident of the building despondent over neglect to a baby brother or sister who died when left unattended. While the baby died in the house, the sister died at a very young  27 years. She turned to drugs and had a much sadness. Perhaps the hooded figure is that women.  The Old White House also has a mystery tunnel covered by a brick wall.


One girl reports that she stayed in a haunted house owned by friends in Auburn California. A female spirit inhabited the upstairs space. The television would change to another channel more than once and the house went black with the electricity shutting off for no apparent reason, so the story goes. The residents swore that there were no circuit overloads and nor malfunctioning of the TV set other than the switching channels to the same program more than once. 


A lady in red has been reported sitting at a window starring down the street as if waiting for someone. The former owner was named Sara. Some believe she waits for her love interest, Archie, to return to the spot where her house once stood. It is now occupied by a business that sells glass objects and gifts. Location: 1558 Lincoln Way, Auburn, California