Arroyo Grande, California

     Elevation: 114'      Information: (805) 489-1488


 California Bridges



Arroyo Grande- The Swinging Bridge


Steeped in history, one of the highlights of the city is a swinging bridge. Originally constructed in 1875 by Newton Short whose land was divided by the Arroyo Grande Creek, sides were added and it was given to the City of Arroyo Grande nine years later in 1911. It lasted for 84 years until a tree fell in 1995 and destroyed it beyond repair. Federal funds and fundraising efforts paid for rebuilding and it was opened to walking traffic again in May of the same year.


Fact: Only one of its kind in California
Length: 171 feet
Height: 40 feet above creek

Stroll through the Village to be transported back to a simpler (though not necessarily friendlier) time.  Still standing is the place outlaws were forced to call home - the Hoosegow. Home to The Terrible Tragedy in which a farmer was hung in a dispute over land, request the Village Walking Tour map and visit over 20 historic buildings and locations, all within several city blocks.