Arroyo Grande Village Dining and Restaurants include Old Village Grill; Taco Loco; Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab; Alphy's Broiler with al fresco dining; Branch Street Deli with optional outdoor dining.


Arroyo Grande Dining and Restaurant Options



Arroyo Grande, Calif.Dining in the Village of Arroyo Grande has come a long way from the early days of the cafe style seating. Now there are many outdoor options allowing visitors and locals to enjoy the beautiful weather that Arroyo Grande experiences nearly all year long (it seldom gets below 55 degrees as a daytime temp during the mild Central Coast winter.)


The most popular items on the Village menus include sandwiches, salads and burgers. Surrounded by wineries that dot the hills of the Central Coast Wine Country, you'll discover many quality wines on even a fast food menu that also included beers. McClintock's (not shown) has long been known as a regional favorite. The meals are hearty, tasty and served up daily from breakfast to dinner.  For coffee in the village, you can get spectacular seasonal frappes, mochas and lattes at Andreini on Branch Street. In addition to a smooth Chai Freeze or Blueberry Bananza Smoothie, munch on some healthy greens in  dishes such as Southwest Chicken Salad that includes jack cheese, avocado, bell peppers and a salsa ranch dressing, served with ciabatta bread.


Taco Loco, a restaurant with big servings of burritos, tostados and other Mexican foods. The building was constructed near the turn of the 20th century. You'll find it on East Branch Street, the heart of downtown. Park behind the building in the free public lot to enjoy the Walking Bridge. You can enter many businesses from the back side of the shops and exit on Branch, where you'll find numerous restaurants, antique and gift stores and the Walking Tour maps at the Visitor Center. It's a small, friendly town so just ask anybody working there to point you in the right direction. Continue driving on Branch and you'll head for the wineries. Or get back on the 101 Highway and stop down the road 10 minutes in Pismo Beach.


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