When you walk into the studio of artist Deborah Brooks, white see-through curtains draped with gold bows hang from the ceiling and walls. Everywhere you look are gilded gold-framed art pieces featuring feminine, flowing goddesses and angels. It's a heavenly experience created by an artist whose talents include interior decorating, painting and production of hand made gift cards and items designed to uplift the human spirit. 

If you are seeking an oasis from your mechanical trip down the California Highway 1, visit the loft in The Creamery building in Harmony..  I walked into the Deborah Brooks Studio and said, "Have I died and gone to Heaven?"   A warm, assuring smile from the woman pictured above told me that this was a normal response in her shop. 

Transplanted from Orange County several years ago when flooding forced Brooks from her home, she and her husband took a liking to this little piece of paradise, a town filled with art and craft shops catering to travelers. They moved to the region and opened a studio in 1999.. 

About her Angelss:  Part Inspiration, Part Perspiration

Much research went into her images of Spenta painted with acrylics on canvas and wood. The interior decorator reported being tapped on the shoulder and suddenly inspired by angel type beings. She needed to know more about them:  What were they and what did they represent?  As she and her husband researched available information, she also painted them on huge seven foot canvases.

They discovered that Spentas were described in Babylonian times as humankind's first guardian angels whose purpose was to protect and bestow upon people seven great gifts of  love.

Information and translation of cuneiform written usually on clay tablets dating to before the Christian Bible is routinely disputed by archaeologists, theologians and other scholars. While interpretations vary, Spentas (word meaning 'sacred') can first be traced to Zoroastrians. Following a trail  through hundreds of years of time,  including biblical reference to three magi guided by a star to Bethlehem, the artist continues to be inspired by them. 

Deborah Brooks has relocated to Newport Beach.

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