Anaheim Museum 
241 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92815-1122  714-778-3301   


Anaheim Museum is housed in a an original Carnegie Library Building which was built in 1908 with a grant from the Carnegie foundation. Los Angeles Architect John C. Austin worked with  Anaheim's frugal Germans and Scots to meet stringent cost specifications tied to this much desired project.    California Museums

Citizens didn't want to let it pass away so they created a committee and raised necessary funding to renovate the Anaheim Central Library building.  

Transformed into a museum which wass  opened in 1987, the historic building contains two galleries for special exhibits, a Children's Gallery and  Museum Store.  Donations are recommended. 

Special events for a fee can be arrangedd  in the Children's Gallery and Carnegie Rooms by calling 714-788-3301 

This picture shows a mission bell with the founding dates of the museum and the California missions..  

Bells such as this one mark the path Father Junipero Serra took through the state of California beginning in th late 1700's. In the name of the king of Spain, he oversaw the building of 21 missions, usually a day's walk from each other mostly along the California coast.  The nearest mission to Anaheim is in San Juan Capistrano. Below is an exhibit at the Anaheim Museum.


Anaheim is a city in which the historic past still exists in some of the houses and buildings seen primarily on on Clementine Street. Here is a list of addresses of houses to look at and enjoy. 


500 North Clementine Street (Boege/Faessel House) single story Mission Style home built in 1923

507 North Clementine St. (Ruitcel/Hranuelli House)  modest frame bungalow built about 1925 

510 North Clementine St.  Scott/Loly/Lambert House large two story Mission Style home built in 1923

511 North Clementine St. Nichols/Valenti House spectacular Mission Revival home  built in 1931

515 North Clementine St. Adams/Allen House  English Tudor style home built in 1931 

600 North Clementine St.  Friis/Miranda House  Moderne style bungalow built in 1941

611 North Clementine Street  Minor/FitzSimon  miniature, Spanish Castle  built in 1926 

620 North Clementine St.  Krenzler/Seiter House Italianate cottage built in 1924

712 North Clementine St.  Loudon/Denver House  main house was finished in 1923

737 North Clementine St. Epstein/Golder/Lindquist House English Cottage built in 1925  




  If you want to know what current owners have done to preserve these gems, a fabulous web site will bring you up to speed on what it takes to save a building.  Visit, the web site for  Anaheim Colony Historic District, an organization formed to preserve the historic houses and buildings in Anaheim. 



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