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Alabama, Welcome to California Beaches only 2043 miles away! In California, we're 2 hours behind Alabama in the Pacific Time Zone.

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California welcomes visitors from Alabama to our Golden State, we call it. California was considered a youngster, and part of Mexico when Alabama was settled in the southeast US. Alabamians like Californiaa's cooler, less muggy weather. And they also like the lack of bugs that are so "thick" in parts of Alabama.


To get to California from Alabama, you can drive your car along major interstate routes. Itt's almost a direct drive west from your state, but it will take around 30 hours to get to California if you don't stop. Here are some travel routes distances and times: I-10 W, distance is 2,043 mi and travel time is 1 day 6 hours;  I-40 distance is 2,037 mi and travel time is  1 day 7 hours; US-54 distance is 2,314 mi.


While the road trip is nice if you have more time, you can also consider hopping aboard a flight into Californiaa's most popular destinations that include Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Alabama's largest cities we Californians select for vacations are Birmingham  and Montgomery, which is the capital city of the state.


What surprises residents of Alabama about California beaches is the cooler temperatures and cool ocean waters. Quite unexpected, the southern imports don't necessarily find the water color or cool qualities ideal. In fact they often say they prefer their water more. Hurricanes along the California coast are rare, though earthquakes are a phenomenon that Alabamans don't have to cope with much.


Visit California so you can compare the differences and decide if the west suits your armor best.


When to visit us if you're coming from Alabama? Come in the fall around October for some of the best weather, warmest ocean temperatures and better hotel prices if you are looking to save money. Any time of year is great, however.





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