Alabama Hotel Reservations - Alabama hotels, motels, inns and suites range from 4 or 5 Diamond AAA ranked resorts and hotel accommodations to affordable chain and budget properties. Alabama is located in the Southeast United States. Its Gulf Coast location makes for great vacations for Californians and those also visiting California. Beach lovers need not worry about missing beaches when you visit Alabama, as places such as Orange Beach make for getaways to enjoy and remember. While we Californians tend to be biased about our destination, those who have visited and stayed in Alabama are pleasantly surprised by what's come to be known as "Southern Hospitality". Sure, California greets guests. But walk up to a gas station in Hollywood to get directions and in many cases you'll discover the people working there don't know their way around, nor are some interested in helping you find your path. So when we speak of Alabama fondly, it is because of a well-deserved reputation for hospitality that tourists seek and enjoy.



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