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Agoura Hills, California --where nature inspires around every bendd! Photos by: Fawn Weaver

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains adjoining Malibu, the city of Agoura Hills is a rare Valley gem. Located in the San Fernando Valley, part of the County of Los Angeles, Agoura Hills is a great place to visit or stay while traveling to the Los Angeles area. During the summer, a special bus funded by the City takes passengers to and from Malibu beach. There are also free summer concerts in the park.


If you were a bird, you could fly between Malibu beaches and and Agoura Hills in a few short minutes. That's as the crow flies. But the mere 15 mile drive between to highways that run parallel to one another (Interstate 101 and Coastal Highway 1) along Las Virgenes and Malibu Canyon Roads takes about 30 minutes by car. Malibu is one of Southern California's favorite beaches but unfortunately lacks an abundance of affordable hotels. That's why you need to know about Agoura Hills!

The character of Agoura Hills combines the old west and 21st century living with great shopping, recreational activities and open space. In the spring and winter, the burnished hills turn green and are sprinkled with yellow, purple and soft white flowers. As summer comes these same Agoura Hills turn a warm shade of reddish-brown.

The city is most known for their equestrian prowess and ranches throughout, as well as its top-rated hiking trails. Go on a guided trail ride from Agoura Hills to Malibu or feel free to gallop around Paramount Ranch. There are a number of places where you can “borrow” horses to ride (Horse Riding). If horses aren’t appealing to you, this city has plenty of trails to explore. Chesebro Canyon has some of the best hiking trails in all of Los Angeles. Many begin in Agoura Hills and take you to Pacific Coast Highway where you pause to catch your breath – and have your breathe taken away by the stunning views. You can hike in the opposite direction and once you reach the top, you’ll be at an sulfur spring. Agoura Hills is an active community so there is no shortage of biking trails either.

The Reyes Adobe Historical Site built around 1850, was Agoura Hills’ first home to a widow with 14 children, Maria Antonia Machado. She purchased the Reyes rancho, "Rancho Las Virgenes", from her uncle Jose Maria Dominguez. Maria’s deceased husband had been the son of Juan Francisco Reyes who served on the famous Portola expedition. From 1916 to 1983 the property transferred to owners who shared a common interest in preserving the landmark adobe home located in the beautiful foothills beneath Ladyface Mountain.

Through restoration and research efforts, the City of Agoura Hills has created an interpretive center and museum for visitors to hear their stories for years to come. The adobe is open to tourists. You can find more information about it on: Visitor information:


Photos and some information is provided by Fawn Weaver,


Fawn's pick for hotels is Hampton Inn & Suites in Agoura Hills. Lovely hotel, great staff, and close to it all.


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