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Sacramento's One Man Band Acoustic Sanctuary Photos


Sacramento--The Acoustic Sanctuary is a mobile piano bar where folks laugh and sing-along to a one-man-band storyteller. Harrington King who also goes by Winko Ljizz or One Man Band parks his Acoustic Sanctuary truck with its modified camper shell in parking lots in Sacramento. He opens his door and invites the public to come listen to him perform most weekends.


Playing over 20 instruments, guests sit on bar stools around his baby grand piano with a see through glass top and request songs. The tiny van only holds a handful of people so lines often form out the door. It is worth the wait to  watch this amazing man in purple play guitar, dobro, lap steel, upright bass, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bol-bol, harmonicas (blues & chromatic), accordion, melodica, saxophones, clarinet, flute, recorder, slide whistle, trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium, chism, breed, cattle horn, steel drum, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, kalimba, cow bells, bass drum, snare, hi-hat, talking drum, dumbek, cabassa, jews harp, shakers and rattles.


Musically talented with a fine voice to boot, Winko looks a bit like Kelsey Grammer but can throw out tunes with a voice to match the likes of Willie Nelson. Playing for tips and paying gigs such as novelty parties, the One Man Band can be found most Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights at the corner of 22nd & J streets (midtown Sacramento).


The next time you are visiting Sacramento or happen to see the purple van, drop by and sit for a while. Winko said recently that most people come in and out quickly and he doesn't get the opportunity to perform longer songs or ballads.  "I've had to develop the art of playing portions of songs quickly and seldom have folks come and really listen to my music," he said. "It's great when a group of people or individuals stay a little longer so I can entertain them." Once they hear me, they often take my business card and call me to perform for their special parties."


The Acoustic Sanctuary serves up solid tunes, entertainment, comedy and good times. One ballad our group enjoyed was a humorous tune with a story reminiscent of Frank Zappa's songs and lyrics. It's about a man who attempts to rekindle a romance with his high school sweetheart years later and is entrusted with her prized, possession, a kitty.  While his love interest leaves for a short time, things go terribly wrong with little kitty in a wild and crazy song with twists and turns. We left the Sanctuary with huge smiles on our faces and an affordable dose of laughter.