California Highway 101 Road Trip Photos & Information


The Highway 101 California Beaches Road trip takes a turn in the road north of Ventura. The hills become steep and unstable in some spots. This bend is not far, in fact, from two landslides that occurred in La Conchita. Highway 101 becomes 4 lanes for a short time in this area but loses 2 passing lanes just north of this photo. The ocean is to the right of this photo and is visible from the road. This region features only a few communities or hamlets due to the topography and unstable hillside conditions.


Located north of Ventura, you are in the stretch of road not far from Carpinteria near Summerland and Santa Barbara.


There's one hotel, Cliff House Inn, along the ocean in this region that offers stunning ocean views. For those who just wish to linger, you don't have to spend the night on this bend in the road. You can stop and dine at the hotel restaurant overlooking the ocean. We've tried it and found the salads and menu reasonable and the food tasty.


Stopping to eat makes for a wonderful interlude to that long road trip. If you are looking to stay in the area, however, be sure to check out Santa Barbara hotels  and Ventura Hotels