Laguna Beach Videos - Video of California Beaches

Laguna Beach videos allow travelers to go inside the beaches and coves that make this most luxurious Orange County city a preferred destination. Videos include video streams with background pictures and descriptions of the places people like to visitt: Diver's Cove, Montage Resort, Thalia Beach, Victoria Beach, Wood's Cove, Main Beach and the famous Sawdust Festival. When visiting Laguna Beach, California you should have no trouble getting great videos.  Just visit over 20 beaches and stand above them on the stairs looking down. Pan the landscape to capture the blue-green Pacific Ocean waters. Then wander on the beaches to get the umbrellas, birds, tidepools and beauty that surrounds those privileged to enjoy Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach maps are customized for this south Orange County beach destination Laguna Beach, a premier vacation spot for tourists, and great place that locals love for its scenic beauty.


Laguna Beach videos include over 10 video streams showing the magical, enchanted beach village with fine art, fine food, world-class resorts and just plain old-fashioned fun. In the video links above we've included the tucked away neighborhood beaches that are charmed with good weather, fine sand coves, and the lifestyle that so many wish they were lucky enough to have, but can certainly enjoy for a day's vacation, weekend getaway or week-long stay.


At most Laguna beaches and vantage points, our camera starts at the top of a cliff or hill above the ocean. Normally there's some sort of steps that descend to the sandy beach below. In the summer, you'll normally find a lifeguard. But the rule of the road at these beaches is beware, and follow common sense. If there's no lifeguard around, you need to observe even more caution.


The videos we took were on nice summer days, and they show the mellow landscapes...not too crowded. Just right!  Laguna Beach beaches are set in neighborhoods amongst homes that overlook the Pacific Ocean.  As such, the parking is tight, and you have to walk to get to the spot you seek.  But that situation also acts to keep these beaches the treasures they are, the treasures that locals know about and television shows try to capsulate. Doing so isn't easy. Some try to put the experience of film. Others use canvas and paint to commemorate beauty that's alive. First and foremost, Laguna Beach is meant to be experienced.


Agate Street Beach

Video - Sawdust Festival

Video - Thalia Street Beach

Video - Laguna Beach Main Beach Video

Video - Diver's Cove Laguna Beach

Video - Mountain Road Beach

Video - Treasure Island Beach Laguna Beach

Video - Volleyball at Main Beach Laguna Beach

Video - Wood's Cove Laguna Beach

Victoria Beach video


Visiting Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach, like most the OC beaches, has become so popular that it's tough finding hotel rooms on the weekends during popular summer months (July - August). But with a little searching and good luck, you can find something suitable for a budget stay. Of course, budget during the summer may equate to several hundred dollars, but hey, it's the treasured Laguna Beach. What more can we say? Several hotels you might try looking at for hotel room rooms during the busy summer include Best Western Laguna Reef Inn, Holiday Inn Laguna Beach and Vacation Village.



Laguna Beach Volleyball

Laguna Beach Diver's Cove Treasure Island Main Beach - Laguna Sawdust Festival Laguna  

Thalia Beach

Victoria Beach Agate Beach Pageant of Master Woods Cove