California Videos of Beaches | California Beach Video Gallery Streams

California Videos and beach video streams include the flavor, color and sounds of beautiful places California is actually known for. We've gone to Disneyland, Laguna Beach, the US Open of Surfing, bonfire cookouts and Belmont Shore Pier, to name a few, and captured the popular images in video.


California videos with beaches include lots of interviews with cute girls asking why they like the beach, a restaurant or something else. Some videos have funny things such a beach bonfire, It's a Small World Ride and even Mary Poppins. By far the most popular, top ranked videos are of the cute girls at the beach in swim suits. People all like them. Since we started ranking the videos based on percentage of click throughs, the Huntington Beach video of the two girls with snowcones wins with more than double the traffic of any other video we stream.


We' not professionals at videos, but have learned just enough to make them fun for everyone to watch. The California video watch option is fairly new, so just know that it will be bigger and better as time passes.


A side note: The videos are slow loading and you'll initially see a blank page on each. Don't be discouraged. The technology is still in its infancy and we'll soon hope for faster downloads. But till that day comes, be patient, hang in there, go get a soft drink and then hop aboard the California fun train for some serious happiness.


Videos in the style of Youtube are the latest craze. We've kind of gotten into it, too. From rides on boats to plays, concerts with surf bands to speeches, community events, and beaches, beaches, and more beaches, we've barely scratched the surface of California's rich cultures, attractions and fun. Pretty girls are always in fashion with their bikinis at the beach, as are the beaches, themselves.  There are so many things you can capture in video that don't really show up in still photos.  In fact, our video collection is well over 1,000 to date, but we just haven't had time to get them online. Please enjoy what's been selected so far, and thanks for sharing your great comments about the beach videos. Those of you who participated and helped us...from HB to Salt Creek, Laguna Beach to Long Beach, Newport to our flights and trips throughout California, we hope to be back again, covering your action, fun and special event that's going on in your home town. Let us know if you've been looking for it, and we'll bump it up on the list to get it posted faster in our very own Youtube video collections a'la!


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