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San Marcos, CA is located in San Diego County in Southern California. We have 892 businesses listed for San Marcos and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the San Marcos area. As you can see by the map of San Marcos some of the nearby cities include Lake San Marcos, Escondido, Vista, Hidden Meadows and Rancho Santa Fe. For you map buffs, the San Marcos latitude is 33.1434, the longitude is -117.166, and the elevation of San Marcos is 177 feet. An interesting fact is that the San Marcos city population is 69,697 which equates to approximately 2.3 percent of the 3,053,793 residents in San Diego County.

Top Things To Do In and Around San Marcos

  1. Twin Oaks Golf Course
    1425 North Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, Ca 92069-1163
  2. LEGOLAND California
    One Legoland Drive,Carlsbad, Ca 92008
  3. Julian, California
    Julian, Ca 92036
  4. Old Point Loma Lighthouse
    San Diego, Ca
  5. Belly Up Tavern
    143 S. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075
  6. California Center for the Arts
    340 N. Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025
  7. Quail Botanical Gardens
    230 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, Ca
  8. San Vicente Golf Club
    24157 San Vicente Rd, Ramona, Ca 92065
  9. Quality Inn & Suites Carlsbad State Beach & Legoland Area
    751 Raintree Dr, Carlsbad, Ca 92011
  10. Museum of Making Music
    5790 Armada Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Upcoming Events in San Marcos

to December
San Marcos CFM Wednesday Farmers Market, in San Marcos, California, takes place in January and ends in December. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by San Diego County Farm Bureau and will be located at Parking Lot B, Cal State San Marcos, 333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road.

to December
Meadowlark CFM Friday Farmers Market, in San Marcos, California, takes place in January and ends in December. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by Meadowlark Community Church and will be located at Meadowlark Community Church Parking Lot, 1918 Redwing Street.

More Events Near San Marcos

Jan 01
to Dec 31
Meet Me On Mars 2015 -Escondido, in Escondido, CA, takes place January 01, 2015 and ends on December 31, 2015.

Mar 16
to Oct 02
Eli Howard Overnight Surf School 2015, in Encinitas, CA, takes place March 16, 2015 and ends on October 02, 2015.

Sep 26
to Oct 04
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