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Pleasant Hill, CA is located in Contra Costa County in Northern California. We have 505 businesses listed for Pleasant Hill and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Pleasant Hill area. As you can see by the map of Pleasant Hill some of the nearby cities include Waldon, Pacheco, Concord, Walnut Creek and Vine Hill. For you map buffs, the Pleasant Hill latitude is 37.948, the longitude is -122.061, and the elevation of Pleasant Hill is 16 feet. An interesting fact is that the Pleasant Hill city population is 34,477 which equates to approximately 3.3 percent of the 1,041,274 residents in Contra Costa County.

Top Things To Do In and Around Pleasant Hill

  1. City Lights Bookstore
    261 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
  2. Exploratorium
    3601 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123
  3. Golden Gate Promenade
    Marina Blvd. At Baker St., Marina District, San Francisco, Ca 94129
  4. Asian Art Museum
    200 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102
  5. Lombard Street
    Lombard Street Between Hyde And Leavenworth Streets, San Francisco, Ca 94109
  6. Japanese Tea Garden
    7 Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco
  7. Baker Beach
    San Francisco, Ca, United States
  8. Paramount Theatre
    2025 Broadway Oakland, Ca 94612
  9. Jelly Belly Factory Tour
    One Jelly Belly Lane Fairfield Ca 94533
  10. Tilden Park (Lake Anza)
    Canon Drive And Wildcat Canyon Road,Berkeley,Ca,94708

Upcoming Events in Pleasant Hill

to November
Pleasant Hill CFM Saturday Farmers Market, in Pleasant Hill, California, takes place in May and ends in November. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association and will be located at Crescent Drive next to Century 16.

More Events Near Pleasant Hill

Oct 27
to Jan 01 17
The Get Out and Run Program is designed to encourage everyone to get out and run. For more info go to

Oct 27
to Jan 01 17
Includes US Road Running tech shirt (male or female cut), 3.5 inch medal, 13.1 oval and race bib.

Nov 14
to Dec 31 20
Sequoia Brigade Camp is the camping arm of Christian Service Brigade for California.

Jun 14
to Jun 30 17
Voyage To Venus Antioch, in Antioch, CA, takes place June 14, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2017.

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