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    Vallejo, Calif.--Six Flags Marine world is a unique thrill ride amusement park mixed with an aquarium and zoo. It is located 30 miles northeast of San Francisco in Vallejo. The officials at Six Flags Marine World describe their park as a one of a kind amusement park, wildlife park and oceanarium.  Offering extreme thrills, popular appeal with Loony Toons cartoon shows and educational displays and exhibits as well as many children's rides, we consider this park one of the best kids vacations north of San Francisco. But look at the expressions on adults' faces and you'll quickly discover that the experiences of meeting and touching animals can bring out the child in us all. 


    Thrills!   X is the world's first 4th dimensional roller coaster. Riders spin independently 360 degrees forward and backward on a separate axis, perched on the edge of a 20-foot wide wing-shaped vehicle that provides 2.5 minutes of thrills with a 200-foot climb facing skyward before flipping over headfirst, face down, for a a near vertical 89 degree angled plummet to earth.  Riders reach at 76 mph and experience raven turns, back flips, a front flip and a sky dive with G-force.  With 15 world class roller coasters to its name, Six  Flags holds the record for most roller coaster excitement in one venue. 


    Roar! pictured below is a 10-story classic wooden roller coaster which speeds along at 50 miles per hour while cavorting 17 turns, 6 reversals and 22 crossovers. If that doesn't provide an adrenaline rush,  Medusa is a new floorless roller coaster designed to give the feel of floating. The prime directive in creating it was to come up with something akin to "butter smooth gliding in an easy chair." Seldom in an upright position and never having feet planted firmly on anything, the floorless ride is a unique experience for those who thought they'd done it all. 

    Here are some of the many rides and attractions featured at the park:


MEDUSA -Flying steel roller coaster without floor
MONSOON FALLS -Up a river and over 55-foot plunge
WHITE WATER SAFARI -Wet river rapids 
MONKEY BUSINESS -Spin and control the fun
WAVE SWINGER-   suspended swing
THE ARK -Swinging ship arcs up to 75°.
JAMBO -Into the sky before falling rapidly 
ROUND THE WORLD -Fancy balloon gondolas 
STAR FISH  -Spin as you rock side to side 
THRILLA GORILLA -Low-intensity ride 
TASMANIAN DEVIL™ -Whirl in gliding, saucer- disk
ROADRUNNER EXPRESS™ -Kiddie coaster 
DINOSPHERE TURBORIDE -Iwerks' 3-D motion simulator


A "floorless" roller coaster-the first of its kind in the West-started taking on  riders at Six Flags Marine World. Six Flags' Medusa, a $15 million, 150-foot-tall, purple and green serpentine supercoaster, is  giving riders a thrill. The new floorless roller coaster-a ride that reaches speeds of 65 miles per hour through seven inversions is  one of only five floorless coasters in the world. Passengers ride in comfortable, open-air seats on top of Medusa's 4,000 foot-long track, legs dangling, while experiencing an unprecedented feeling of flying. The series of hills, loops, high speed spins  and back-to-back inversions deliver an exhilarating ride that is non-stop fun.


Accessible by car from  U.S. 101 North, take Hwy. 37 east to Marine World Pkwy. High-speed catamaran ferry service is offered from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39. For  schedule information, call the Blue & Gold Fleet at 415-773-1188 or Baylink at 707-64-FERRY.  Amtrak serves Six Flags Marine World via Thruway Shuttle from the Martinez Station. Bus transit time is  20 minutes. Call 800-USA-RAIL for information.                                   



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