Crystal Cove Shake Shack - Newport Beach, California

Shake Shack at Crystal Cove - Along scenic Highway 1 that's known as Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County, lies a stretch of road so pretty, you feel almost like you're in the country. Indeed, this region of Newport Beach offers a glimpse into the past with its hiking trails, historic beach cottages that were recently renovated and now rented to vacationers, and the long-time roadside stand that welcomes travelers with a thirst-quenching drink or shake. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and several miles of open space between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, you'll come across a little food stand once known as the Date Shack. Formerly bright yellow, it's served shakes and smoothies for over 40 years.  Recently licensed to operate by Ruby's corporation, it has been painted a more modern white with blue trim and now bears the sign, "Crystal Cove Shake Shack".


While the shakes have always been good, the scenery is stunning in this roadside stop. You can only stay for 30 minutes (the parking lot is rather small), but its well worth the time to pull over and try a smooth shake, malt, soda and bite to eat. 


The shakes and malts are served with whipped cream and a cherry and include flavors such as date, orangecicle, pineapple, mixed berry, vanilla, coffee, banana, Oreo, strawberry, pina colada, chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough. On my coffee shake, the extra added crunch oreo cookies blended into the drink were yummy!

Smoothies include mango, peach or mixed berry (date shakes are gone). Rootbeer floats and flavored Cokes, espresso, cappuccino and lattes (iced or hot), mochas and hot chocolate offer additional options.


Sandwiches on the menu when we visited included turkey, roast beef, ham & cheese, pastrami, hero, veggie, peanut butter & jelly, turkey dog, chili dog, Ruby dog (beef), and soups chili or clam chowder. Prices on the sandwiches were quite affordable, ranging from around $4.50 to 9.


The items available and prices are all subject to change, of course.


Do we recommend the place? Definitely!  Down below the Shake Shack is a new restaurant concession that opened in 2006 to accommodate travelers staying in the State Parks historic cabins. Open to the public, Beachcomber at Crystal Cove has received positive reviews for its good and stunning views.


Beachcomber Cafe down the stairs on the beach at Crystal Cove: No. 15 Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA. Call:  (949) 376-6900.  Full cocktail bar. Open 7 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.


Note: Like all who have enjoyed the Date Shack for years (used to specialize in shakes that contained dates), that former businesses had its minuses and pluses and it's sad to say that the concept of a date shake was "dated". Rather than idealize the former concession, we're simply glad that the Shack remains along this stretch of coast where towering multi-million dollar homes on the Newport Coast overlook this tiny little vestige that represents pre-21st century development. Orange County's build out of land, and trends toward vertical building, make this little shack a rare treasure that somehow continues to stand against the odds.


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Tasty shakes at Crystal Cove's Shake Shack (formerly the Date Shack), are delicious! Ruby's Shake Shack, 7408 Coast Highway (for Google mapping), Newport Coast; (949) 464-0100. The shack has sandwiches, shakes and malts. Open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily.

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