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Seal Beach beach playground is the preferred hang out for local children. When visitors staying down the street at the Pacific Inn five blocks away discover this gem, they also frequent and and enjoy the enclosed playground on the beach.


Seal Beach is one of those great, Southern California beaches out of a Leave It To Beaver TV show from the 1950's and 60s. It is old-fashioned family fun at its finest. In the summer you'll see a fair share of children at surfing camps, and lots of moms and dads playing hooky from work so they can enjoy quality time with their kids at the beach.


With pay beach parking located directly next to this fabulous beach playground located on the south side of the Seal Beach wooden pier, you can take your children into the gated sand area where they can romp free, enjoying swings, slides and lots of sand. From the pier it's a joy to watch the children frolic in the enclosed playground. The walls on the structure look sturdy, made with huge molded concrete strips. Inside are colorful painted tile murals made by kids that decorate the walls at eye level for children. 


There are many playgrounds at the kids vacation beaches in California, but few offer this enclosed structure where parents keep a watchful eye without worrying that a small child will run down to the water line into the ocean. Little kids are fast and things like that rarely happen, but the Seal Beach playground was designed with this extra layer of protection for parents' piece of mind.


Seal Beach features the 2nd longest pier in California. At Seal Beach kids can fish, sunbathing, body board, swim, fly a kite, play volleyball or build a sandcastle. Did you know that Seal Beach ranks as the best mainland beach for sandcastle building? It does!


Kids love to eat and can enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza,,  hand-dipped chocolates and ice cream bars, cinnamon rolls, pastries and sodas while mom and dad drink custom made espresso or tea. For the adults, there are several great Irish pub restaurants that offer kids menus and draft beers for the adults.