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Photo of Seal Beach Pier -  California Piers


Seal Beach Pier shown in the photo above offers reminders of days gone by. As you enter the pier, you'll see to your left a bronze statue on a base that's just kid-high.


Seal Beach --Children pat the sculpture, Slick, the seal, and parents take pictures of their family next to him. Seals don't frequent this area anymore but the statue offers one reminder of how Seal Beach got its name.


Seal Beach Pier is the perfect spot to stand and watch a variety of activities. It is one of the most popular places for tourists to drive to and explore. If you stand and listen, you'll hear their accents from a variety of cities and countries around the globe. But people watching is just one thing you can do on the pier.  From its vantage point above the beach, you can watch sunbathers, surfers, body boarders, people flying kites, and sometimes a film production. This beach, in fact, was where many scenes have been filmed for popular shows.


The quaint pier with its wooden planks, fishing popularity and Ruby's diner on the very end are so much milder than the early Seal Beach days when sizzling rides and bootleggers dragged their booty to shore (rum runners bringing liquor during the prohibition).  Today the pier is a slow going family-friendly entity where people just like to take leisurely strolls. The wind is usually mild, the weather often nice and the views are great.


The pier features a lifeguard tower and the restaurant. There are benches to sit on and relax or you can stroll and soak up the sun and scenery. Located at the end of Main Street, the pier is the icon for Seal Beach. There's so much shopping and dining to enjoy, but none along the beach. Ruby's on the pier and the shops downtown on the tree-shaded Main are your best bet for food and snacks.


To enjoy the pier, you'll find it on Ocean, adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway 1, four or five blocks away. 



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