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Santa Ana River County Beach Photo - Newport Beach Beaches

Santa Ana River County Beach Photo - The photos above show Santa Ana River County Beach in Newport Beach. It is located on the northernmost area of land and sand, just south of Huntington State Beach.


This Orange County beach sits and the end of the Santa Ana River, a tributary that runs through most of Orange County over 30 miles inland. You can gain a better perspective on this river from the aerial photo taken.


Passing under a bridge on Pacific Coast Highway that offers vehicle traffic at 50 miles per hour, and a bicycle/pedestrian separated walking path, the river flows into the sea near the intersection of Newport Beach streets - Summit and Seashore Drive. Along Seashore Drive are multi-million dollar houses and residences that enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island over 20 miles west.


The beach, itself, is a popular surfing spot. We saw other things going on here as well. Families like to picnic at the beach, and a motorized paraglider was packing up his equipment just as we arrived. His wife (shown above) removed the wind sock that was used for his landing at this beach.


Also seen here are dogs. Unless the rules have changed from our past information derived from the Newport Beach City web site,  dogs are permitted from 5:01 p.m. to 8:59 a.m. (  There were several sets of dogs at this location so we can't really be sure if they were slipping them in, hoping no one would notice, or if the regulations have been altered.


Parking is a mix of limited free spaces and small parking lots with meters (25 cents for 15 minutes or $1/hour--takes quarters). I parked on the street in front the beautiful West Newport Park, a small kids playground with swings and slides, located in a plot of land between Pacific Coast Highway and houses along the beach.

I met up with a surfer and asked if he was local. The 20-something blonde with shoulder-length curls said the surfing was fine, and asked me not to pass the information around. Indeed, it was one of the emptiest surfing spots. But since I've read about the surfing here before, I am not betraying a trust by saying it is a mellow location for relaxed surfing.  Just a few blocks south, there were a few  surfers catching sets at  Seashore and Grant. The most sparsely situated beach on the north end of town, you'll find it a great place to relax without a lot of hassle and hiking.


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