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Laguna Beach, Calif.--Picnic Beach is located below Heisler Park where picnic tables overlook the beach. One of the easiest beaches to access because of its larger quantity of metered parking, the beach is located south of the Laguna Art Museum and Las Brisas restaurant. If you opt to bring your lunch rather than dine in the Mexican menu restaurant (serves cocktails, indoor/outdoor dining and ocean views), Picnic Beach is the spot in Laguna Beach for shaded, ocean view snacking or dining. Approximately 700 feet in length, this beach is cozy, but well attended because of the picnic tables and fantastic shade trees.

Visitors to Picnic Beach in Laguna Beach enjoy skin and scuba diving, body surfing, and tide pools. Picnic Beach is popular during the weekends especially and on hot summer days.  Skin divers, scuba divers and families all find Picnic Beach the perfect place to go.

The table rock area is one area of interest for tide pooling, but becomes hazardous during high tides and/or surf. Submerged rocks make swimming or bodysurfing hazardous, especially the southern end of the beach. During large surf conditions and/or high tide the south rocks are closed. While Picnic Beach offers stunning sunset views when you step beyond the shade trees, a beach to the north provides sweeping vistas with awesome sunsets. Laguna Beach, an artists' colony for approx. 100 years with inspiration drawn from these vistas an sunsets.

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