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The Village of Mendocino is a charming seaside community of unsurpassed beauty. Steeped in foggy clouds that mingle with or give way to clear blue skies, the romantic village appears in subdued tones and grays until the sun shines. That is when you can see the bright colors of historic buildings stretching several blocks along Main Street that are occupied with shops, museums and restaurants to enjoy.  With the flavor of the northern California coast, gifts and food are not ordinary in Mendocino. McDonalds and other chain restaurants and shops are absent from the landscape filled with individually owned businesses that offer everything from deli pastries, fresh salads and healthy smoothies to books, Irish gifts and one store with things for your senses. Mendocino Food Events 


One hour or day in Mendocino is not enough but if you are the fast traveler with only a few days to see everything, here is what we recommend:

1) Take a walk along the paths near the shops that overlook the ocean on Main Street. Edible berries grow wild along the grasses and trails. The walk is pleasant and the views are stunning. It only requires 15 minutes to escape city life and find beauty in the serene setting that unfolds before your eyes.


2) Wander the grounds of the Mendocino Presbyterian Church with its steeple and historic presence as the oldest Presbyterian church in continuous use in California. Organized on November 6, 1859, the building was constructed of redwood. 44831 Main Street, Mendocino, Landmark 714 


3) Stop in one of the shops and say hello to a local. People seem generally happy, friendly and at peace with their surroundings. Fantastic galleries and gift shops sell unique items. 


Elk, California MapHistory: Mendocino County was one of California’s original 27 counties, created in 1850 by the State Legislature.  Because of its small population, Mendocino County was administered by the government of Sonoma County until 1859, when the government was established in a small building on Main Street in Ukiah.  County officials moved into the first courthouse at the site bounded by Standley, Perkins, State and Schools streets on January 24, 1860.


Mendocino County derives its name from Cape Mendocino, which lies northward of its northern boundary.  Cape Mendocino was given its name by a famous Spanish navigator of the 16th century, Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo.  Cabrillo discovered it in 1542 while on a voyage of discovery along the Pacific Coast and named it in honor of Don Antonio de Mendoza”, the first Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico), and the patron of the voyageur.

The first permanent Spanish settlers came to the area in the middle 16th century.  It was almost 300 years before the first permanent non-Spanish settlements in the county were made on the coast north of Big River in April of 1852.


Mendocino County encompasses an area of over 2 million acres or approximately 3500 square miles.