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 Villa Riviera
800 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California

The Villa Riviera at 800 East Ocean Boulevard, was first called the Villa Riviera Hotel when it was constructed in 1929, second in height at that time only to the Los Angeles City Hall. 

Architect Richard D. King won a grand prize at an international contest for the design of the sixteen-story building. Its costs of construction were over two million dollars, at that time a large sum in building expenditures. Its architecture savors of the majestic Tudor Gothic, with a marked resemblance to the Italian and French Renaissance, all blended into a composite grace of line that overshadows any single decorative detail.


At one time, Joseph M. Schenck of Twentieth Century-Fox and Norma Talmadge, then his wife, owned the hotel. It survived the earthquake with only plaster cracks which were easily repaired.  With its height and its command of a view over the ocean to Catalina and over the city, the Villa Riviera is an eye-catching object for Long Beach.

General Guidelines and Standards for any Changes. The following guidelines and standards recommended by the cultural heritage committee are adoptedd:


The exterior of this building should be maintained at any cost! The gargoyles, intricate art stone carvings and other outer decorations should be reinforced should they show signs of weakening. Any exterior painting or reroofing should be done only after Committee approval as to color and material. We would encourage the present color tones and would discourage a change of color for this towering pillar which stands as a gateway to the Ocean Boulevard scenic route currently in the planning process. Since the apartments are privately owned, the Committee will not make any recommendations beyond preserving the lobby, its fixtures and decorations.

The Villa Riviera is one of over 100 Long Beach buildings and structures declared a city landmark. 
Source: City of Long Beach