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We all want the cheapest price on hotels, right? At California Beaches site, we certainly have to make our dollars stretch. We are so meticulous about the price, we'll call the toll free numbers for the chains, check out their web prices and compare them to our own. What's especially surprising to us time and again is that our rates on rooms are often $20 -50 cheaper than the chain quotes. No rules are set in stone, but after traveling many times and doing this dance, we have come to love our hotel reservations system. Our company is now finding wholesale blocks of rooms in the hotels ranging in the mid-to-luxury range, plus at theme parks, and is selling them for less than other major booking chains and web sites. It's allowed us to travel more, take more photos and write more stories for consumers who like to know what there is to see and do in California.

California is such a popular place that even in an economic down cycle, the travelers still get out and spend on weekend getaways especially. If you hesitate on a great rate, sometimes it can be gone within minutes of your attept to make a decision. While the trend has definitely gravitated to shorter vacations and escapes (now averaging one to three days for local travelers), vacationers simply can't do and see it all, especially on the Disneyland vacation. In that market, people are booking packages most prominently in the two to three day range.

We sell lots of packages that include hotels and tickets to Disneyland, and recommend if you're considering visiting Southern California or San Francisco, be sure to click on the links for packages or deals to see if there are some specials that you might not have considered, but are too good to pass up. Travelers tell us they are doing and seeing more, thanks to the California Beaches vacation guide. The reservations system is showing them how the distance between attractions and hotels and allowing them to book them in one transaction.