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Handsome Guys Tanning at Beaches in California



Tanning is not just for girls. Guys like to tan in the sand, too. While women and girls wear itty-bitty bikinis, men's fashion in recent years has been loose, flower prints and lengths to the above the knee.  Women now reveal more of themselves and men reveal less at the California beaches. Women and girls have adopted this casual, loose style of clothing in sports such as skateboarding, where the outfits look quite similar to men's and boys.


Guy fashion at the beaches in California extends beyond the sand. Bodysuits have gone through the paces in their colors and styling. Flamboyant stripes and fluorescent colors were replaced by black gloves (bodyglove) with small stripes or accents. Even the outrageous surfboards are somewhat subdued, sporting logos, words and graphics.  While fashion has become more about the graphics and geometric shapes, the sunglasses feature less color, and are more about shape. 


There's nothing so relaxing, so rejuvenating and invigorating than a rest with some sun beating down on you. It's easy to fall asleep at the beach but just watch for over-exposure (sun-wise, that is.) It only takes 15 minutes to get a burn and in 45, you can be cooked. If you think the sleep comes easy at the beach, wait till you try to sleep at night after a roast. If you start getting the chills and feel really ill, you clearly have had too much sun.


When they tell you dress in layers at the beach, don't hesitate to take long pants and long sleeves, a ballcap and some covered shoes that may come to your rescue if you're not accustomed to the sunshine that's more intense as it reflects from the water and the sand, intensifying the effect of the cooking process on your skin.