Greyhound Rock in Santa Cruz County



Greyhound Rock is located approximately seven miles north of Davenport in Santa Cruz County. The largest nearby city to enjoy hotels and tourist attractions is Santa Cruz.



Named for the rock, a seastack of Miocene Mudstone massive sea cliffs of Santa Cruz Mudstone are capped with a thick alluvial cover and marine terrace deposits, as seen from an overlook at the Greyhound Rock parking area along Highway 1.  North of Davenport, Greyhound Rock County Park includes surf fishing under the auspices of the California Department of Fish and Game. A paved parking lot, view area and public restrooms all offer wheelchair access.



Other activities include hiking, bird watching with seasonal viewing of Turkey Vultures and Black Oystercatchers or some scuba diving, though locals report it is challenging.



Greyhound rock provides some great whale watching opportunities when the large whiles are migrating. For other attractions, you are ideally located here near San Francisco and Santa Cruz, so you can enjoy all the big city night life and events, while also taking in the California coast and fantastic stops such as Greyhound Rock.




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