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Carmel Valley events begin with The Biggest Loser RunWalk Monterey Off-Road Challenge in Salinas ending June 07, Sherwood Fall NTRP Classic in Salinas ending September 13, USTA National Women's 35,45,55,65,75 &85 Hard Court Championships in Salinas ending September 20, Chamisal Senior & NTRP in Salinas ending November 15 and Chamisal Junior Challenger in Salinas ending December 13. Other Carmel Valley, California area events can be found in nearby Del Rey Oaks, Spreckels, Seaside, Carmel-by-the-Sea and Monterey.

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Jun 06
The Biggest Loser RunWalk Monterey Off-Road Challenge, in Salinas, CA, takes place June 06, 2015 and ends on June 07, 2015. This Running & Walking event will be located at Toro Park.

Sep 12
Division: NMW(2.5-5.5)s,SE; NM(3.0-5.5)d,SE; NW(3.0-6.0)d,SE; NX(3.0-5.5)d,SENotes:CONTACT: Prior to the close of the tournament contact the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR (831-818-0827) for tournament matter. After the tournament closes, contact the REFEREE (831-333-6801) for tournament matters

 WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawal from the tournament PRIOR to the close of the tournament may be done through tennis link.

Sep 14
to Sep 20
Division: Open: W(35,45,55,65,75,85)sd,FICQ

Nov 14
Division: Open: M(35-80)sd,SE; W(45-55)s,SE; W(35-65)d,SE; NM(2.5-4.5)s,SE; NW(3.0-4.5)sd,SE; NM(3.0-4.5)d,SE; NX(3.0-5.0)d,SENotes:Player BBQ Saturday

Dec 05
to Dec 13
Division: Challenger: BG(12 (78'Court/Green Ball) ,14-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,FMLC; B(12 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) ,14 (78'Court/Green Ball) ,16-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,SE; G(12-14 (78'Court/Green Ball) ,16-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,SENotes:Player BBQ on Saturday

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