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Laguna Beach, Calif.--Diver's Cove Beach in Laguna Beach is set at the bottom of a cliff with rocks jutting out from the shoreline where waves slam in the pounding surf. Beware! It is beautiful to look at but dangerous with strong rip currents.


Diver's Cove Beach, a 300-foot long beach, joins Picnic Beach at its southern end. Because of the structure of the cove, it is very popular with families, and the water is usually crowded with children. Popular activities include swimming, skin and scuba diving, and body surfing. Those wanting to fish should try Boat Canyon (next beach to the north) as fishing is prohibited at Diver's Cove Beach.


Seen in the photo above is the set of steps with hand rails that lead to this stunning Laguna beach..   We also have a video of Diver's Cove and  this scene above that shows the panorama.


Hazardous and rip conditions are evident in all directions. This beach is steep and has a shore break under all conditions. The crack around the north point is always a potential hazard and should never be entered or approached too closely. Under high tides or surf conditions the rocks and point are closed. During heavy surf conditions, the entire cove becomes a rip and pulls to the south. The rocks to the south separating Diver's Cove and Picnic and should be avoided at all times.






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