CATALINA-- Words cannot sum up the Catalina experience adequately.  Even the photos capture only a tiny portion of color and contrast seen in this interesting place.  Jan made many stops in her golf cart. On the top left, the gate to a house on a hill overlooks the bay where passenger ships come in and out all day. Seen in photo on the right is a cute, pink cottage on Catalina Street. It has hand painted roses on its window trims and roses growing in the tiny yard.  This cottage is an example of the many vacation homes which were built during the 20th century for weekenders to the island.  As the place became popular for year round living and as prices of houses went up, the cottages satisfied the needs of those who could find work (usually in the tourist trade and services) and who managed to stay on the island and make it their home. 


The bottom photo is a picture of the Tuna Club of Avalon, California State Historical Landmark. NO. 997.  Located at 100 St. Catherine Way, The Tuna Club of Avalon marks the birthplace of modern big game sport fishing. Dr. Charles Frederick Holder was leader and one of the club's founding members who created rules of conduct in 1898. Conservationism, ethics and sporting behavior remain the basis for the sport's internationally accepted principles over 100 years later, as this stately building which overlooks a bay, welcomes thousands of sports fishermen to its shores. 


When you visit you see bald eagles nest in island trees, hundreds of cacti and plants at the Wrigley Botanical Gardens, the famous Catalina Casino and dolphins swim in the wake of the Catamaran's waves, she reflected on her day and felt certain she'd return again to the island of romance and dreams, lovely Catalina.


There are many ways to get around the island but the easiest by far is the golf cart.  You can see the sights on a tour bus but it only lasts for an hour or so. Bicycles are great for the flatlands but the one pictured is where yours could end up, if you are unaccustomed to riding steep slopes such as the roads winding around Avalon.  And then there are boats and kayaks like those pictured above at Descanso Beach.  They are great for seeing the island by water but you'll miss some fantastic vistas if you don't make it to the top of Avalon.