101 Highway Ventura County Line |Thousand Oaks California

Highway 101 at Ventura County Line is one of those spots that isn't so lonesome most the time. Welcome to Thousand Oaks, land of hills, houses, cars and all the stuff that makes a suburb of Los Angeles what it is.


The picture of the 101 Interstate Highway in California shown above is taken from a car speeding 65 miles per hour down the road at the county line of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. As you see the Ventura County Line sign, underneath it is a bigger sign signifying you have entered Thousand Oaks City Limit, as well. With a population of over 100,000, youu'll find an Auto Mall up ahead, shops and dining, plus Westlake Village.

This portion of the road can come to a stop sometimes because of the traffic congestion, or as in this picture, you may simply breeze through on you way to other cities further north.

We're always glad to get past this spot, feeling that we've left L.A. While Ventura County is growing rapidly and will one day face the same gridlock since they're expanding the 101 by only a few lanes, there are some restaurants you can veer off and find to kill some time and eat. The trouble is, you may have to wait a long time for traffic to thin out. So we usually stick it out, unless it's a major traffic accident.

Below is a map of the general region shown in the photo, plus a link to a hotel we usually notice off the road. It always looks so pretty with its stately palms.




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Highway 101


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