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California Surfer at Sunset -  Southern California Beach Sunset Photo


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California Surfer at Sunset - Photo shows Southern California Beach Sunset:

In this sunset photo of the Huntington Beach pier you'll notice the sun is just about ready to drop into the ocean. This is your typical pier sunset picture, with the horizontal layout and foreground subjects, a surfer and bird.  The color of the sky is deep blue but as you head toward the horizon, the color turns to deep brown, then orange. Notice how the pier reflects on the beach in patterns.


Photo tip: Use those beach (water) reflections to your advantage. Wait until a wave washes in, then head back out again. It is at that very moment that you can take photos with the reflections offering extra dimension to your sunset pictures.


California surfers enjoy that special time of day when the sun goes down. If the waves are surf-able, they will go to the beach or will stay on after dark to enjoy the fading moments of light. California surfers wear wetsuits most the year as the water temperature seldom goes above 70 degrees.