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California Sunset Fishing Photo - Pacific Ocean Fishing


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More than 2 million anglers purchase some sort of fishing license in California each year, according the the California Department of Fish and Game.


Seal Beach California jetty is one of the most popular fishing locations in Orange County..  While you'll find people fishing at every pier because fishing off of public piers never requires a license, fishermen seem to need additional challenges and the Seal Beach jetty certainly offers many. This location features huge rocks that receive a fair amount of sea spray so caution is advised, especially for youngsters who can easily slip and fall.


There is no bait and tackle shop at the jetty. Theree's a restaurant to enjoy dining outdoors overlooking the sandy beach, plus a public parking lot that charges a fee and a kitesurfing launch ramp adjacent to the parking lot. Just a half a mile or less on Pacific Coast Highway you'll find convenience liquor stores where you can purchase supplies for your fishing adventure. 


About silhouette and sunset photography: When you photograph the California surfer's sunset, you'll need to shut down your f-stops and apertures a bit or face overexposure. Many of today's center-weighted camera meters that utilize light averaging of several sections of the picture frame still cannot over-ride that huge ball of sun.  A different effect you may also experience is the under-exposure where everything comes out really dark except for this big globe, beach ball-like sun. 


What to do? If you have digital, you can play around with it. Try pointing the camera to several slightly different locations and see how the light changes with each position change.  Not only is it an experiment in lighting effects, it will show you how sensitive your light meter is and how it works.


For the surfer gliding along on that board out in the water, it's a bit tough getting contrast between the surfer dude or dudette and that colored sky. Your angle must be almost below their position on a wave to accomplish such a contrast in color. It can be done at some beaches, however.  Just give it a try. The old-fashioned color film guy or gal taking pictures with celluloid will have to wait to see the results. Nevertheless, a high quality film, a tripod and some great lighting can't be beat for making a big picture blow up to frame on your wall. It's the perfect memento of your California beach vacation.