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When it rains up and down the coast of California, there’s one thing you can count on in addition to traffic snarls as oil-coated freeways get a soaking–pollution in our ocean!
Californians are excited to see rain systems pass through the state, especially during drought conditions we’ve been experiencing. But for those who watch the coast, [...]

02 Dec, 2009

Water Quality Grades This Week at CA Beaches

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California beaches are touted as “pristine”, clean, and other appealing things. Some beaches are smooth as glass, such as Glass Beach which is strewn with smooth pieces of colored glass shaped like rocks. Once somebody’s throw-away bottles and trash, collectors now cherish these collectible gems.   Some beaches have the misfortune of looking filthy and trashy, [...]

18 Nov, 2009

Losing that Small Town Charm of California Beach Towns

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Has your California beach town lost (or is it planning to lose) its small town charm? When you visit China with its smoke-filled cities, you can just envision what California could become– a vertical, high-rise, oceanfront mecca of polluted living. California and its South Coast region of L.A. actually had the worst pollution in the [...]

07 Nov, 2009

California Beach Report Card this Week

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How is your ocean water quality this week? If you step into the Pacific Ocean on a California beach, you really  need to check the quality to make sure you won’t get sick. Last week saw a high number of closures and this week hasn’t really gone down much. Let’s see if the same spots [...]

The second sewage spill in about a year closed the beach (ocean access) from downtown Long Beach, California, near Rainbow Lagoon to Belmont Pier. While this happened a few days ago, we are posting information about it because many people aren’t noticing the posted signs on the beach, and they are going in the water. [...]

09 Oct, 2009

Worst Drinking Water in the U.S. Comes From California

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When a friend said to me that her California beach city sent out an annual report showing that they had some of the best tap water in the state of California, I asked her if she was aware that there are many chemicals that have no national standards for safety and thus, appear in most [...]

This hasn’t been that great week for water quality at California beaches. Topping the chart are 21 beach locations with a flat “F” grade. And that’s not even getting into the D water quality issues. Some of the repeat offending beaches have been on the list throughout the summer and should be no surprise. With [...]

11 Sep, 2009

California Beach Report Card this Week

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California beaches offer an amazing 1000 plus miles of entertainment, education, recreation and relaxation. The oceans are our lifeline and the Pacific Ocean that California enjoys provides climatic conditions that make coastal living some of the finest in the world.  In a blog post today that mentioned Baker Beach, we didn’t mention the water quality [...]

03 Sep, 2009

California Beach Water Quality Report 19 Worst Beaches

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California Beach Water Quality Report is a digest of the latest statistics released from Heal the In this week’s findings, there are 19 beaches given a red mark as a warning sign to avoid going in the water at this particular beach. Even D water quality should be avoided.  Sonoma Coast has been taken [...]

Pollution is an equal opportunity offender, as seen in the current water quality reports from Heal the Bay monitoring this past week. While no closures are reported (though a sewage leak did close a beach a few weeks ago near the Oceanside Pier), there are some beaches with ocean water not fit for humans to [...]



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