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22 Oct, 2009

Legendary Surfing in the USA at Rincon, CA

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As you veer around the bend in the road while just passing over the border between Ventura and Santa Barbara County, California on Interstate 101, you may quickly glance down and notice an amazingly large number of surfers in the Pacific Ocean below. Located north of the Oil Pier that stretches far into the water, [...]

18 Oct, 2009

And The Beat Goes On-Surf Music Roots & Branches

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Mississippi has its Blues.
New Orleans has its Jazz
And yesterday, Costa Mesa had its Surf Music.
(Rightfully so, since several of the top surf musicians come from the city named for its coastal plateaus.)
Over 60 enthusiastic people jammed inside the Costa Mesa Historical Society building to hear three terrific veteran surf musicians, who absolutely love creating their sounds: [...]

09 Sep, 2009

Santa Barbara Fitness Surf Camp Sep. 18-20

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Getaway to Santa Barbara, California for the Surf Stronger Fitness and Performance Camp, September 18-20th.  The weekend event includes expert surf coaching, surfing analysis from professional surfer, Holly Beck and daily workouts, yoga, Stand Up Paddling and TRX training. Lodging and meals provided.

29 Aug, 2009

Capitola Begonia Festival - Beauty at the Beach

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Capitola by the Sea, Calif.–Capitola Begonia Festival is coming from Sept. 4-7, 2009.
Beaches are beautiful places without any help. But when you launch boats and floats decorated with colorful begonias and glide them around the harbor in a parade, there’s even more to love. Next week is the launch of the Capitola Begonia Festival with [...]

23 Aug, 2009

Surf Statues in California Honor Surfing Legends

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California Beaches–As you travel the coast of California, you’ll find a recurring theme throughout many regions–surfing. Local legends of surf and residents who knew them pay homage to these figures with another figure, usually a life size stature or bust of some surfing great. In San Diego, Tourmaline Surfing Park honors a colorful character, Skeeter [...]

Huntington Beach, Calif.–When contacted about a story and supposed controversy over who has bragging rights to the water surrounding the Huntington Beach Pier (surfers or fishermen with their lines cast in the water), I didn’t get excited. This is an old story that swells like ocean waves from time to time. It, and the surf [...]

08 Aug, 2009

Surfboards in the Sand Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach, Calif.–A new event just came into our desk. It appears to be mostly a gathering of the surfing clan for photos. Beyond that, I’m not sure what else it has going. If posing with your surfboard rings your bell, you might want to check this one out.  Called Surfboards in the Sand, [...]

Surfin’ Sundays Concert at Pier Plaza Amphitheater Aug. 2
Huntington Beach, Calif.–If surfing music is your thing, then this is one of the biggest free concerts of the summer, that you won’t want to miss, Sufin’ Sundays (see full schedule). Held on the sunny shores of the Pacific Coast overlooking the (locally) world famous Huntington Beach [...]

25 Jul, 2009

Happenings in Huntington Beach

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Saturday Events in Huntington Beach (submitted by Chris MacDonald)
The HURLEY US OPEN OF SURFING Event Takes Place South Of The Huntiington Beach Beach Pier From 8:00AM To 4:30PM.. The Competition Takes Place Through July 26th, 2009. Come Here Rockin “Ric” Fignetti Judge The Event. They’ll Be A Vendor Festival Too With Daily Activities Occurring. For [...]

24 Jul, 2009

Surf City Events Today

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Huntington Beach Events this Weekend
from Chris MacDonald
I’d Like To Start This Newsletter Stating That I Went To The 16th Annual Surfing Walk Of Fame Induction Event Yesterday In Front Of Jack’s Surfboards In Downtown Huntington Beach At Main Street And Pacific Coast Highway. I Learned That It Is The Time Square Area Of Surfing In [...]



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