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05 Jan, 2010

Beach Sunsets Help You Find Your Way Home

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For West Coast travelers near the beach, the best time of day can be during the evening rush hour, as you drive home from work. In the winter months the sun starts going down around 4:45 - 5:30 p.m., and if you sit at a stop light waiting for it to turn green, the scenery [...]

Sun going down with the holiday snowflake lights just about to illuminate are still wonderous in silhouette of the sun seen in the photo of above. There are about 100 California piers to stroll during the holidays, and many have holiday touches and lighting that’s special and bright. This picture was taken at Huntington Beach [...]

09 Dec, 2009

Parting Shots as Sun Goes Down on California Beach

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California Sunsets as shown in the photo above are quite special during the winter.  This picture was taken near the Huntington Beach Pier as the sun went down and surfers wandered into the water. If you get a chance to visit the beach for the holidays, bring your camera. You’re bound to get an awesome [...]

06 Dec, 2009

Santa Barbara Sunsets Are the Best!

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Santa Barbara Sunset over Stearns Wharf
Santa Barbara, Calif.–Have you made your holiday vacation plans yet? One of the most popular spots that tourists really love is Santa Barbara. In addition to fantastic shopping, dining, entertainment, and a scenic location, the sunsets steal the show in this beach city of just under 100,000 residents.
Shown in the [...]

31 Jul, 2009

Disneyland California’s Beaches & Beach Hotels

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Anaheim, Calif. — Disneyland Resort has its own beach, just in case you didn’t know. Inside California Adventure theme park there’s an entire section devoted to the old fashioned California Beach experience, in fact. A roller coaster and midway with Man’hat’n Beach, Paradise Pier and other beach attractions invites guest to play games in old [...]

If you read all this hype about dog-friendly beaches, you may be in for a shock when you learn that only 2 beach hotels in OC accept your dog. Huntington Beach’s Hilton, and Laguna Beach’s Art Hotel are the two places where you may find a room for the night with your pooch. But four [...]

09 Jun, 2009

How easy is it to leave the beach?

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California beaches aren’t necessarily the end point in life’s journey. Enjoy them while they work for you, then move onto your next adventure and challenge in life.



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