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09 Oct, 2009

Moonridge Zoo at Big Bear Lake is Open for Now

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Big Bear Lake, CA–It’s easy to feel some compassion for a big bear, as long as you are assured it can’t attack. When a woman this past week threw some dog food into the cage to divert her “pet” bear so she could clean the cage, it killed her. Humans like to imagine these creatures [...]

25 Sep, 2009

Weekend Events in Southern California

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Submitted by Chris MacDonald
Hello Friends– Here Are Some Events Happening:
The 14th Annual Dive N’ Surf Redondo Beach Lobster Festival is held at the scenic Seaside Lagoon in the Redondo Beach Marina providing an ocean-view setting for the annual event that is expected to attract more than 12,000 people. Log on to to learn more [...]

06 Sep, 2009

It’s Time for a Getty

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Los Angeles, Calif.– While tourists hop off the plane and head for the Hollywood sign (an attraction that press keeps bashing and calling “tacky”, the number one, not-to-be-missed L.A. attraction in my book is The Getty. Whether you tackle the smaller Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades or the The Big Daddy, The Getty Museum at [...]

I visited some of the beaches of Southern California and noticed they were not packed this week. So when one of the local news channels said the very same thing, I decided to run with it. Why are beaches that often set records for one-day attendance on Labor Day Weekend seeing lighter attendance? I have [...]

29 Aug, 2009

Pier Pleasure in Oceanside, CA at Oceanside Pier

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Oceanside, CA–A pleasure pier like no other is the Oceanside Pier, somewhere on the Southern California coast between downtown San Diego and Disneyland. To be precise, Oceanside’s Pier is the northernmost pier structure accessible to the public in San Diego County, just south of Orange County.
There’s a lot of twisting the words about Oceanside being [...]

19 Aug, 2009

America’s Fascination with California Beaches

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California Beaches–When the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Competition arrives each summer, it’s no surprise that a Californian wins or comes in the top two or three contestants.  America simply loves their wieners and buns and the press coverage of the event spans all the way around the globe when the Japanese take home the prize.
The [...]

19 Aug, 2009

Grunion Run at California Beaches Finale Aug. 20-22

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Grunion Runs are almost Gone. If you get a fishing license and want to catch the silvery little critters with your bare hands, them cook and eat them, you have just three days remaining. While the open season ends this week (see chart), the fish will continue to spawn on California’s beaches and coast from [...]

Southern California’s muddiest beach opens for the season in Huntington Beach at Adventure Playground.

03 Jun, 2009

Grunion Run is Pure Fun

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Grunion are running at Southern California beaches these days.

02 Jun, 2009

Favorite Videos Feature Southern California Beaches

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Most popular videos are of girls in swimsuits and Southern California beaches.



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