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Seal Beach, Calif.–If you grew up “back East” or in the mountains, then the frenzy over rain news stories is simply perplexing when not much actually happens. Take for instance the first round of rain that washed through the beaches of California on Sunday and Monday. Making its way into the mountain resorts where a [...]

Seal Beach, Calif.–The sand berm was in place when an announcement that unusually high surf would be hitting the shores of California, and some beach homes could flood. Bring in the sandbags, the sand, and the people who came to watch the beach, surfers included.
With air temperatures hovering around 72 degrees at sunset and a [...]

22 Dec, 2009

Seal Beach Holidays Always Colorful

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Splashes of color or the broad strokes of nature’s brush against the sky guarantee your holidays will be a joy. While the photograph above shows the Seal Beach Pier during the festive wintertime when the star-shaped lights illuminate as the sun goes down, sunsets are some of the best in California, any time of year.¬† [...]

Seal Beach, Calif.–It was a sunny day full of cheer in Seal Beach as trucked in snow brought smiles to kids who got to play in it on the lawn of Eisenhower Park next to Seal Beach Pier.
The annual Seal Beach Tree Lighting Ceremony sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce included dignitaries, beauty [...]

14 Nov, 2009

A Fish Story From the Seal Beach Pier

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Submitted by: Chris MacDonald
Seal Beach, Calif.–As Fullerton resident Neil McGraw was fishing on The Seal Beach Pier this afternoon, he held one of the fish in the air that he caught and a seagull swooped and got it. Many people were watching the action take place. Neil put on a good show. The Seal Beach [...]

27 Aug, 2009

California Free Concerts - Seal Beach Chamber

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When times get tough, go to a free concert in Seal Beach, California, or some other city of your choice. The summer concert season is coming to an end soon, but tourists and local vacationers still have time to take in over 1000 free concerts throughout cities and beaches in California.
George Banker of the Seal [...]

03 Aug, 2009

Cheers for Three California Piers

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California piers number over 100 in my best gestimate. Many fellow reporters and authors have contacted me through the years, asking for the exact number of California piers and I always tell them that hard numbers are tough to come by as the qualification for what truly is a pier can be fuzzy.
Here are three [...]

16 Jul, 2009

Seal Beach Concert Series Draws Crowds

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Seal Beach free summer concerts titled “9 in 9″ (nine concerts in 2009) continues¬† with an all star line-up to include Sligo Rags, a popular Irish band that recently appeared at the Lavender Festival in Atascadero.¬† Last night hundreds of visitors flocked to Seal Beach to watch a free concert featuring Kelly Fitzgerald band.
Sponsored by [...]



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